Friday, June 3, 2011

Lake Placid Memorial week-end

Memorial Day week-end was coming up very fast and we've decided to enjoy the still waters of Lake Placid for a few days. After a quick hotel review, we decided to stay "downtown" Lake Placid and be within walking distance of shops & restaurants. We also looked around for a few trails and activities. All was set and booked, suffice to say we were eager to take off! We drove to our friends' house on Thursday, had a little BBQ and a few beers, no need for much really!

So Friday morning, after a pit stop for coffee we hit the road! A few hours later, we spun off from the flat I-87 to drive on the curvy 9W and 73. As we approached our destination, we saw a few triathletes on their bikes, pedaling pretty hard! We parked near Main Street to grab some food since our bellies were running on empty. After a quick reconnaissance, we decided to grab some Italian food (pizza and pasta) and enjoy the Mirror Lake views. We then checked in at the hotel to drop our stuff and get ready for a hike. We were really pumped up and ready to go hiking but the heavy rain compromised our plans. So, when it rains, the most logical thing to do is go to a pub, and that is exactly what we did! We found out that the Lake Placid brewery was 5 minutes away, walking distance, from our hotel. Five minutes later, we were looking at different brews and contemplating the menu and the pool table as well. A few hours later, we had a few different beers, some good pub fare and were shooting pool.

The next day, we took a boat tour around Lake Placid, where we got to see the multi-million "camps" and hear the lake's history and stories, some of which were fascinating. We finished off our walk around Mirror Lake and had a quick lunch before driving up to Whiteface Mountain. Once up on top, we got to admire the view and take a few snapshots. Once again, we were ready to do some hiking on our way down but the weather didn't cooperate. So we had to drive away from it! We went back into town and found a one-hour hike right off the village limits, in the woods. We then went back to the hotel, relaxed a bit and got ready for dinner at the Lake Placid Lodge. The place was gorgeous, the view breathtaking and the food pretty awesome, gotta say! This will have to be an entire post to describe that magical night so stay tuned!

Balade en bateau
Au sommet de Whiteface
Promenade dans les bois
Repas au bord du lac

After a well deserved night of sleep, had a late sleep over, woke up to a beautiful weather and headed out in town to walk around and stopped by for lunch at a terrace. By fear of the rain again, we stayed in town, relaxed and went to the movies to see Pirates of the Caribbean. After the movie, we did some shopping and went back to the hotel to pack. We then headed out for a last dinner in Lake Placid. It was a well-deserved, relaxing weekend. Too bad for the rain, we didn't hike as much as we wanted... but will find trails around here though! What about your Memorial Day Weekend?

Vue de la chambre :)

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