Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NYC in half a day

Given the recent additions, we've been having some family over to help out. Our little ones are taking up a lot of time (and space!), so when it comes to doing anything else that doesn't involve playing, feeding or changing diapers, well there's not a whole lot of it left. Or, it would have to be done between midnight and 4am. Eventually.
So, while Lyly's mom and godmother were here, her dad, who happened to be here as well, was assigned to show them what the city's all about. Once they knew their way around, they were able to go back twice and had a lot of fun!
However, when my mom came, we had not a lot of time available (vacation days are even more precious now). And so, last Saturday, we took the 7am bus to Port Authority.

First stop Times Square and then off to:
Bryant Park
 Grand Central
Rockefeller Observation Deck
Central Park
Columbus Circle
Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall
Freedom Tower

And finally back to Port Authority and NJ!

Indeed, there was a lot of walking and subway riding but for a 4-hour tour, we covered the NYC essentials! Sunday happened to be the last day of the 2-month visits and now we're on our own with the little ones. At least until June when their aunt Christy comes for 10 days :).

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