Saturday, November 7, 2009


Apologies for the title, but I couldn't refrain from putting it! So, after the great week-end in Paris with Pierre and Vivi, we've spent a few days in Montauban with Choup's mom and brother and took the train to Bourg de Péage. On the menu, great food and booze, family and friends, what a great concoction!

Bérangère and her hubby paid us a visit with their little daughter.
Since we couldn't celebrate Louloute's birthday in April, her whole family came by to celebrate and get her great presents. Above with her baby brother Steven :).

Two cakes, yeah! And she succesfully managed to blow both candles :p!
The familly:)...

We also got to take a little trip to Lyon and pay a visit to Christy, who's going to college there, here's a snapshot of the sisters!

On Saturday before taking off, we got to celebrate louloute's father birthday, who is now XX years old (we won't divulge :p)!

He got some awesome presents and was happy as a kid!
Of course, Annie made great food as usual!

And here are the cakes who turned out to be really good!

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